Because cookies are awesome, and i needed a name for the blog. No theme, just randomness. My own little treasure chest for stuff i like ^_^

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The fun has been doubled!

A new meme is born!

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Fillydelphia: Season two premieres on September 17th, it's official!


Holy things, guys! It’s confirmed for real and 100% for real like not a rumour! Season two launches on September 17th!

Other shows are also premiering on September 17th, but they are all inconsquential compared to Frienship is Magic! Everything is made of awesome and…

(Source: mylittleponynews.com)

Via Fillydelphia
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Doctor Whooves

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Derpy Hooves Tribute! :D

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Pinkie Playing A Super Mario Song! :D

Also, 100th Post ^^